OpenCart Online gains bitcoin solution

E-commerce solution firm OpenCart has partnered with, Europe’s largest bitcoin payment processor, enabling all OpenCart merchants to accept the virtual currency on their online stores.


New e-commerce solution

OpenCart’s new plugin allows merchants to integrate a new e-commerce solution into their shopping platforms.

The announcement has come at a time where bitcoin’s reputation is increasingly growing. In September Payment Eye reported that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) deemed the virtual currency as a commodity, which is a real boost to the cryptocurrency’s credibility.


Thousands of entrepreneurs can now accept bitcoin

The BitcoinPay solution allows merchants to receive payments in Bitcoin using Euro, Dollars, Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty.

‘‘We are delighted to enable thousands of entrepreneurs across the world to easily accept customer payments in bitcoin, while having the option to remit their payments in their local currency and bitcoin in the ratio they choose,’’ commented Daniel Houška, co-founder of BitcoinPay.

‘‘Merchants get proper invoicing in FIAT currencies so there is basically no difference between accepting bitcoins or accepting credit cards for example.’’

‘‘We continue to work hard to give our clients the best options to integrate bitcoin payments into their businesses,’’ continued Houska.


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