HalCash North America jumps on cardless ATM trend

image of a black atm on a large yellow wall

Yesterday, Diebold, the financial self-service, security and services corporation, said its new ATM was being tested a Citi innovation lab in New York.

The machine in question has no screen, no keypad or even a card reader. Instead, it turns the user’s smartphone into the access point and the transactions are arranged using the screen on the consumer’s mobile device.

Clearly we are entering the early stages of mainstream cardless ATMs because, in the same week that Diebold revealed its innovation, another company, HalCash North America, launched its own mobile cardless cash ATM withdrawal solution.

Branded as Pin4, it is supposed to enable the next generation of solutions for consumer promotions and P2P transfers.

“Cardless ATM technology is in its infancy and we are thrilled to launch Pin4, a new mobile cardless cash solution for the US. Although this solution is new to the U.S., HalCash – which powers Pin4 – has a very successful track record in Europe where it has completed millions of cardless ATM transactions.

“The opportunities in the U.S. are enormous and we believe Pin4 will innovate the rebate, promotion and consumer rewards landscape by offering the appeal and effectiveness of instant gratification of cash through cardless ATM withdrawals,” said Pin4 Chief Executive Officer Richard Witkowski.

Through Pin4 partner Payment Alliance International, one of the largest independent ATM deployers in the US, consumers will initially be able to access money through the Pin4 network of ATMs in New York City, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, with nationwide access available in 2016.

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