American Express partners with Airbnb on points programme

The financial services corporation is working with the Silicon Valley startup to allow people to pay for their Airbnb stays using AmEx Loyalty points.


Points equals payments

Card Members can create an Airbnb account with their existing American Express user ID and password, as well as have the opportunity to use their AmEx login to identify themselves as an American Express Card Member on their Airbnb profile as an additional verification.

“Our Card Members love one-of-a-kind and memorable travel experiences, and with this partnership, we’re creating a frictionless and valuable way for them to take advantage of everything Airbnb has to offer,” said Leslie Berland, executive vice president, Global Advertising, Marketing & Digital Partnerships at American Express.


AmEx Checkout

Airbnb has also integrated American Express’s checkout service, which allows users to log in and use their existing billing information to pay for the stay. They just choose the card they want to pay with and the rest of the information is filled automatically.

“Whether staying at a bungalow in Bali with Membership Rewards points, or a business trip to London with your Amex Card, this partnership makes booking an Airbnb in over 190 countries seamless and allows Card Members to be verified with their American Express login,” said Lex Bayer, head of Global Payments and Business Development, Airbnb.


Airbnb standing strong

The partnership is another piece of good news for the company, which has recently secured a victory in its home-town of San Francisco. The city’s citizens recently voted against Proposition F, the controversial proposal that would have restricted short-term home and flat rentals, thus severely impeding how the company operated. Airbnb spent over $8m on fighting the proposal and will have been relieved to see that 55 per cent of the voters against the proposition.

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