Have you become just another utility provider?

Recent research found that 94% of banks see small and medium-sized businesses as vital. So why do 70% of these businesses have no contact with their bank relationship manager, and how can the financial services rebuild loyalty with this important sector?

According to BCSG, a leading provider of cloud-based engagement platforms, which surveyed more than 500 small business managers and directors in June of 2015, small businesses want their banks to be more than an occasional source of funding.

As BCSGs experts explain in “Redefining Digital Banking for Small Businesses”, where the results of the survey are detailed: “Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly seeing banks as utility providers, when what they want are tailored, business-specific support and advice. It’s about redefining digital banking so that banks have greater understanding of their customers, thereby creating a deeper relationship with them.”

But what are small businesses looking for?

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