Barclays launches app where customers test new mobile banking ideas

The bank is inviting select customers and developers to download Barclays Launchpad from App stores, which will allow users to trial new mobile banking features and give their feedback to Barclays.

The Barclays customers who receive the invitation to download the app will not only be able to trial new features and provide feedback, but also use it to carry out the usual banking activities. Feedback can be submitted via the app or over social media.

The bank is also trying to appeal to developers and startups who have “great digital ideas”. Barclays described Launchpad as their opportunity to get their ideas in front of customers.


The initiative was first presented at the Unbound event in London earlier this week. As part of the event, the bank set up a two-day hackathon, which provided developers with the opportunity to try some of the bank’s APIs and the prototype Launchpad app. The winner of the hackathon would then be able to apply for the Barclays Accelerator programme.

“Seeing first hand the power that collaboration can have for start-ups, we recognise that we have a role to play in partnering  with them to boost innovation and growth. We also think more needs to be done to bring customers into the heart of product and service development so that we can give them more of what they want and need,” said Ruchir Rodrigues, head of digital banking at Barclays.

The new initiative comes just a few days after Barclays’ former CEO, Anthony Jenkins, said that traditional banks are having their “Uber moment”as technological advancements are on course to force them to close their branches and possibly fire half of their workforces unless they change how they operate on all levels.

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