“Your imagination is the limiting factor” – Heartland Payment Systems Talks Future Of Finance

Funding today is more readily available for fintech startups than ever before. But is that necessarily a good thing? Not according to the chairman, founder and CEO of Heartland Payment Systems Robert Carr. Speaking candidly during an interview in The Bancorp’s Finetics™ Studio at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, he says there’s too much money in the market to tell what’s really working yet.

Having grown Heartland from a startup with 25 employees back in 1997 to a Fortune 1000 business that now employs some 3,000 people, he shares his perspective on fads, failures and the future of financial technology.

“There are definitely business models that will not be out there in five, even three years from now,” he tells PaymentEye.  “There is way too much money in the market to understand what is really working.  There are a lot of false positives.”

To hear what the future of finance looks like from Money20/20 founder Anil Aggarwal, Hidden Brain CEO and founder Marilyn Bochicchio and Experian Plc. mobile payments and commerce lead Cherian Abraham, check out the Finetics blog for more insights from the studio.

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