4 unexpected benefits of off-premise payment solutions

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The use of off-premise payments solutions has unexpected benefits, according to a recent survey of 1,000 executives.

While many large organisations remain tied to legacy platforms and processes, those who have made the move to the cloud report being pleasantly surprised by boons to communications within their organisation, increased revenues, greater customer satisfaction and improved security.

According to Bottomline Technologies, specialists in this area: “Although cloud solutions are very popular with SMEs, who benefit from not having to build and maintain a complex IT infrastructure, many larger enterprises still rely on on-premise solutions for certain processes. However, more and more organisations are coming to the conclusion that for them, the benefits of a cloud solution outweigh any perceived risks or disadvantages.”

In a new whitepaper the experts at Bottomline Technologies unpick the most common concerns cited about off-premise solutions, and why big organisations have a lot more to gain by making the switch than they often think.

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