New Xbox partnership pushes payments into the virtual world

The days of games consoles being just that, games consoles, are rapidly coming to an end. The Playstation’s fourth iteration allows users to browse the internet, watch Netflix and even socialise with friends. Now Xbox has made a big leap into the world of e-commerce, and within that the nascent world of virtual reality, by partnering with  e-commerce outfit Von Bismark to create a virtual dressing room where you pay for items with your mobile using Powa Tag technology.

Called The Mall, the virtual shop allows users to browse through the participating shops before trying on clothes that they like, which will be represented on screen using Microsoft’s Kinect motion camera technology.

Once the user has found an item that they like, they then can pay for it using their mobile by scanning the QR code that comes up on the TV screen. Following on from the first time the user inputs their payment detail, every purchase following from that can be carried out using Powa Tag’s single touch payment service.

Eoghan O’Sullivan, CEO, Von Bismark, said: “The Mall on Xbox One is the first giant step in our vision to create more beautiful, physically engaging ecommerce experience, delivered through the largest piece of visual real estate you own – the living room TV.”

Check out a video demonstration of the experience below:

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