Where Direct Debit most often goes wrong

With 3.4bn payments made via Direct Debit in 2013 — predicted to reach 4.2bn by 2022 — the importance and volume of this payment method is only set to grow. But, with every Direct Debit failure costing up to £50 to correct , how can organisations reduce error rates and make the most of the method?

“Direct Debit Management”, an ebook from Bottomline Technologies, highlights the key points at which Direct Debit transactions fail, from verification to customer on boarding, and explores actionable ways to streamline and error-proof the process.

As Bottomline’s experts explain: “To maximise the effectiveness of the Direct Debit Process, organisations need to minimise Direct Debit failure. So how can organisations impose better Direct Debit management to streamline processes, reduce risk and improve customer acquisition?”

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