Are you underestimating off-premise payments solutions?

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When most companies consider migrating their payments to the cloud, they focus on comparing ‘Capex’ and ‘Opex’ pricing models. But, one software company has said, the right solution can help organisations tackle everything from security concerns to staff engagement.

As Bottomline Technologies writes in “Recalibrating the Cloud”, a new whitepaper: “Cloud deployment can, and should, offer a range of measureable benefits to businesses, going well beyond the traditional discussions around pricing models and IT outsourcing.”

For example, research has shown that UK employees waste three hours every day grappling with inefficient systems. Choosing a cloud solution with an intuitive experience can erase that wasted time and help new starters get working at full capacity faster.

By simply relocating existing functionality to any cloud solution, Bottomline says, businesses can miss other opportunities to dramatically enhance operational functionality and efficiency.

Bottomline explains: “Powerful and impactful cloud solutions can exploit web-based delivery to provide additional value — integrating previously siloed processes for consolidated functionality and oversight and, as a result, significantly enhancing staff productivity and performance.”

Sound too good to be true? “Recalibrating the Cloud” goes in-depth into the unexpected benefits of cloud technology and gives you a list of eight questions you need to ask when searching for the optimal deployment model.

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