Visa cracks open its platform to developers

Visa is opening the doors of its payments network to developers in a bid to leverage new innovations and keep pace with how consumers and businesses want to interact with money. To do this the firm is launching Visa Developer, an open platform that it’s describing as a global ‘playground’ for developers.

The move is designed to help financial institutions, merchants and tech companies respond to the changing way consumers and businesses expect to shop, pay for things and get paid. A number, including National Australia Bank, Capital One, RBC and Emirates NBD have been testing out the new platform over the past few months.

Visa Developer includes a sand box where developers can play with Visa test data, software developer kits for some of the firm’s products and access to ‘hundreds’ of APIs. At the time of launch, developers can play around with services including account holder identification, P2P payment options, Visa checkout, currency conversion and consumer transaction alerts. The company is also shedding light on all the services it actually offers, saying it’s making its product suite easy to search.

The company says that this is the first time in its 60 year history that software developers have open access to its platform. Its product and tech teams have been working on opening its platform up for a few years according to Visa. With collaboration at the heart of developer communities, the firm is also opening up collaboration centres in markets including San Francisco, Dubai, Singapore, Miami and São Paulo.

“We are unbundling Visa’s full suite of products and services and giving developers open access to the underlying payment capabilities,” says Rajat Taneja, EVP of technology at Visa. “We believe this will lead to the creation of entirely new commerce experiences with Visa technology integrated to enable greater security, scale and convenience when it comes time to pay.”

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