‘Card is a form factor for prepaid and something else will replace it’ – Brightwell CEO

Atlanta-based Brightwell offers prepaid solutions for consumers and businesses with products ranging from maritime payments to payroll to loyalty schemes. Speaking during an interview in the Finetics™ Studio by The Bancorp at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Ken Goins, Vice Chairman of Brightwell, shared his insights on the challenges and opportunity of prepaid in cross border payments.

“Prepaid is just part of a process, it’s a component,” says Goins. “What we’ve determined is that it’s the best defined way of using that vehicle today and over time change will happen in this industry. The card is a form factor and something else will replace it. It could be mobile or it could be something else. The plastic itself or card is just a form factor in how you deliver money or a service to a cardholder.”


Access Ken Goins’ full interview, plus more insights on prepaid from Blackhawk Network President Talbott Roche, American Express EVP and GM Stefan Happ, CEO and president of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association Brad Fauss, People’s Card Services president Peter Read and The Bancorp MD Jeremy Kuiper on The Bancorp’s Finetics blog.

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