Blenheim Chalcot acquires iJento in customer intelligence push

In a sign of the increasing importance of optimising the value of online and offline customer interactions and understanding multichannel customer analytics, UK venture builder Blenheim Chalcot is snapping up customer journey analytics firm iJento.

iJento integrates web data with CRM, call centre, marketing and sales data, stitching individual visitors’ journeys across all these. It is aimed at the financial services industry, as well as travel entertainment, media and publishing.

Blenheim Chalcot says that it is planning to combine the business with its other engagement and behaviour analytics and intervention technologies to help businesses see how their customers are interacting across these different channels and how they can maximise the value of that interaction in real time.

The move comes as many more businesses are now taking a data-driven approach to their online sales and marketing activities as well as delivering their services online.


iJento aims to help organisations understand today’s connected customer, whose buying journey is complex and cuts across multiple channels.  Beyond page clicks and views, iJento enables clients to capture, analyse, predict and shape customer behaviour so that they can take the right action at the right time to increase customer value across all touch points: web, mobile, social and offline.

iJento brings together all customer data from multiple channels and devices into a single location to create a snapshot of individual customer behaviour.  It is aimed at the financial services industry, as well as travel entertainment, media and publishing.

It builds powerful customer profiles and transforms customer data into actionable insight that can be used to reduce advertising spend, increase sales and improve customer engagement. Its predictive tools are designed to provide insight into customer intent and engagement in real time in order to influence customer behaviour.

PaymentEye is part of the Blenheim Chalcot portfolio.

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