UK restaurant go completely cashless, with Tossed leading the charge

We’ve gone ticketless on public transport, we’re soon going to cashless on London’s iconic Black Cabs, and now we’re going cashless in restaurants.

Well, technically we are already to some extent cashless since many restaurants and many more cafe chains have NFC terminals, but now we appear to be moving towards a future where cash isn’t even going to be an option.

The healthy food chain, Tossed, has opened what is thought to be the UK’s first completely cash-free restaurant, the Telegraph reports.

Instead of picking your food up and then carrying it to the counter, Tossed has installed self-service kiosks that accept debit, credit and contactless cards. The NFC capability means the terminals also accept mobile payments such as Apple Pay. The terminal allows customers to choose their food on the screen.


Vincent McKevitt, founder of Tossed, says the innovation has been introduced in order to make the operations more efficient: “Most operators face speed and capacity issues at lunchtime, but ours are intensified because we make our food fresh-to-order and most guests like to customise their food to suit their health and taste requirements.

“This unique point-of-sale solution allows our team to focus their energy on our speed of production.”

He also said how even in such an intense environment as the lunchtime rush, people still want to peruse the menu.

“Guest feedback from the trials has been very positive: people like to be able browse in their own time and customise what they eat, completing a great experience with tasty, bespoke, healthy food, served quickly.”

Tossed is planning to bring these cashless self-service kiosks to all 26 branches.

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