MasterCard pushes biometrics into e-commerce payments

MasterCard and BMO Financial Group (BMO) have begun a phased launch of the first biometric corporate credit card programme in Canada and the US that will allow cardholders to authorise transactions using biometrics when making online purchases.

Called MasterCard Identity Check, the smartphone app will allow participants to scan fingerprints or snap selfies to validate their identities; and when verified, return to the merchant site to complete the online purchase.

“The use of biometric technology has become more common for consumers looking for convenient and secure ways to make purchases using their smartphones, so this was the natural next step for us as innovators in the payment security space,” said Steve Pedersen, Vice President, Head, North American Corporate Card Products, BMO Financial Group.

He also revealed that the first phase will involve the technology being trialled using BMO employee corporate cardholders in the US and Canada, to identify and improve best practices in corporate environments.

Once they have been identified, the tech will be rolled out more broadly to consumers this summer.

“With BMO, MasterCard is hosting our first Canadian and U.S. corporate card biometric user engagement. It’s always exciting to introduce biometrics to new cardholders.They quickly realize that they don’t have to sacrifice convenience for security. By snapping a selfie or scanning a fingerprint, the person becomes the password,” said Catherine Murchie, senior vice president of North America Processing, Enterprise Security & Network Solutions for MasterCard.


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