What is the future of fintech? (Infographic)

Oh, what we wouldn’t do to know the future! Like Biff and the Almanac in Back to the Future, all we need is a guide. Luckily the team over at Pivotl is on hand to give us one for the future of fintech.

Be it money transfers, health insurance, bitcoin or entirely new banks, the fintech space is enticing investors across more and more verticals.

What’s more impressive is just how much the level of investment continues to grow. Last year saw more than $7.2bn raised globally by fintech companies, up 71% from 2014 and, as their latest infographic explores, it doesn’t look like slowing down as we head into 2016.

It’s not yet the end of the first quarter, but already investment is up nearly three quarters on Q3 2015. Check out this latest infographic to see how this fast-moving industry continues to evolve.

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