Simplifying payment technology: Boarding all passengers for global payments

Unpicking the complexities of international contracts is the topic of this ONPEX module, their third written piece exclusively for PaymentEye.


What is behind a contract?

A contract is an agreement between at least two parties in written or spoken form that acknowledges certain terms and conditions. Anyone currently employed in the payments industry, or any other industry for that matter, certainly has some contract in place. Now, put together multiple contracts from various countries with different regulations and they end up as a big legal and administrative tangle.


José’s Aventura Travel Agency

José operates a successful travel agency and online booking engine in Chile. He offers multiple airlines, hotels and tour operators to set up customised bookings. His business spans all across South America and every time he adds another country, his administrative load increases and becomes more complex. He needs an administrative solution that can handle all legal documents and improve his current workflow. Sending contracts around the continent is costly and takes too much time — ideally, he requires dynamic forms and a ticketing system to keep track of all files.


The complexity of international contracts

José is not the only one with a complicated business structure. In the payments industry, there are a great variety of contracts, such as partner agreements, sales contracts or contracts between a bank and a merchant. Each of these contracts represents a new client. Each client has to be set up individually and managed in separate accounts. Additionally, banks and payment providers require varying sets of information and documents from a merchant.

Managing these processes is a huge administrative feat that only gets more complicated with an increasing number of accounts. This often results in a long waiting time for merchants before they can start processing payments, which wastes valuable time and generates unnecessary costs.


Everyone on-board with boarding services?

A good boarding service has to include an application for the flexible, fast and easy boarding of merchant accounts. It has to allow administrators to create and compile new sets of information and data for both new and existing customers. The application also has to be extremely flexible so that it can be used for the initial setup of a new merchant and for creating a dynamic application form.

Ideally, data sets can be collected and managed on all hierarchical levels through an multi-level client structure. This workflow management should also be extensible to account for the requirements of external acquiring partners and payment methods. Additionally, a sophisticated ticketing system has to be implemented to support and ensure the seamless management and tracking of all issues.

The key features that boarding services need to have, include:

  • Customer data creation
  • Ticketing
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Workflows
  • KYC verification
  • Auto-application

These features make the application a key ally that takes the pain out of merchant onboarding. With the application, customers are able to create new merchant accounts and collects all their information. The collected data can easily enable in-depth analysis since all the information is gathered in one space.

The ONPEX Boarding Application takes care of just that. According to Christoph Tutsch, CEO of ONPEX: “One of our core business objectives has always been to provide the ecosystem with a secure payment processing platform that helps traders and PSPs to maximize merchant onboarding, customer acceptance, payment conversion and revenue. And our clients are seeing the benefits.”

Justin Martin, CEO of Payment Goblin, agrees, pointing to his organisations’ own success: “ONPEX has taken us from an already impressive 84% merchant acceptance rate to an almost perfect 92% acceptance rate. The application also slashes merchant pre-check times and drives acceptance.”

Find out more about modern payment technology next week.


About ONPEX’ Payment Technology

ONPEX wants to make all payments truly accessible globally. To achieve this, the company will bring together all technical steps of payment processing, banking and regulatory requirements. The technological foundation of ONPEX’ solution is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) that combines local and cross-border card processing, as well as international alternative payment methods, on one omni-channel platform.

The software consists of independent micro-services. With just the click of a mouse these can become modular-scaled to provide higher performance levels. In turn, the modules and functions can be combined to new solutions to meet any requirement in the payments industry.


ONPEX is an award-winning, global, white-label cloud payment solution combining local and cross-border card processing and international alternative payment methods on one omni-channel Platform as a Service (PaaS). ONPEX’ solutions accelerate international expansion and the development of banks, PSPs, ISOs and developers. They offer the flexibility all of them need to grow globally in the payment business. ONPEX has connectivity to hundreds of acquirers, alternative payment methods and payment related solutions internationally and operates entities in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information about ONPEX, please visit

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