Mobile POS: the future for bricks-and-mortar retailers


As a retailer, reducing the friction associated with payment as much as possible is crucial for maximising revenue. Instead of expecting customers to spend time finding the till and waiting to pay for big-ticket items, the POS should come to them, making payment simple and swift.

Offering a static point of sale in store is no longer good enough. According to payment solutions provider Verifone, the long queues and inflexible payment experience associated with it are driving up to £1bn away from the UK’s tills every year. However, with mobile POS (mPOS), retailers can capitalise on the best part of the ecommerce shopping experience – immediate conversion – and bring it into bricks-and-mortar stores.

In this white paper, Verifone explains how adopting an mPOS solution can maximise the revenue potential of bricks-and-mortar stores by freeing up shop floor space, cutting down on purchase abandonment and offering the personalised experiences customers expect online.

“The most straightforward, cost-effective way to convert more sales in store is to take transactions to the customer through mPOS,” say the experts at Verifone.

The white paper also provides tips on selecting a solution that’s fit for purpose, and notes key considerations for investing in mPOS solutions, including security.

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