Is Android Pay coming to the UK this week?

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Can the rumours be true? Is Android Pay coming to the UK this week?


How it started

Back in March Google announced that Android Pay would be coming to the UK in the coming months, but a specific date wasn’t given.

However, at the end of last week a Telegraph reporter spotted green (like Google’s Android logo) tags at POS terminals at a London branch of Pret A Manger that say: “We now accept Android Pay”.

According to the staff at the branch, the tags arrived overnight fuelling rumours that the launch of the new payment service would be imminent.

Android Pay sign at Pret A Manger POS terminal androidpaytelegraph

Source: Telegraph


Banks drops another hint?

Now, it has been discovered that Halifax actually set up a webpage dedicated to explaining how Android Pay would work.

Here’s the image of what you see:


Now, that may not be much to go on, but bear with us. This is pretty much the same set-up the bank did for Apple Pay.

Whilst Halifax’s is clearly a tester/placeholder, HSBC has actually got a fully functioning page dedicated to Android Pay.


If you click on the link ‘Set up Android Pay now’ you get taken to the Google Play Store to download the app.


What next?

On Thursday Google host its Google I/O conference and it will be interesting if the launch of the payment service is addressed then.

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