E-commerce in Asia: meet your next 1.7 billion customers (sponsored)

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Asia is surging ahead in the ecommerce game. It has a lot going for it, including an expanding middle class that’s predicted to number 1.7 billion by 2020, and a rapidly growing population of smartphone users.

In fact, according to the e-payments specialists at PPRO Group, online transactions are worth more than $700 billion a year in Asia, and the region had the highest ecommerce sales of any other region in 2014.

However, Asia has the lowest ecommerce penetration of any other region in the world, presenting ample opportunities for ecommerce players to make a splash.

“The region will continue to drive online retail over the next five years,” PPRO Group predicts. “Strong economic growth and up-and-coming markets are providing new footholds for businesses and investors alike.”

In this new whitepaper, PPRO Group provides some of the latest facts and figures relating to the 10 key ecommerce markets in Asia, including China, India and Indonesia.

By considering important factors like smartphone penetration, ecommerce trends, financial inclusion, and popular alternative payment methods, it paints a comprehensive picture of payment behaviour and possible opportunities in the region.

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