ING explores AI robotics with Pepper, the world’s first humanoid robot

ING, the Holland-based bank, wanted to experience artificial intelligence first-hand by inviting Pepper, the world’s first humanoid robot, designed by Japanese firm Softbank.

ING’s robotics and artificial intelligence lead Vinoth Raman believes there is a place for AI in the future of banking and he wanted “to get people thinking about robotics and the future of artificial intelligence”.

In the video Raman talks to Pepper after which the robot is placed in  the lobby of ING offices where people approach it to interact. ING says the robot can learn personally traits and adapt his behaviour accordingly.

One ING employee believes robotics will be the future of banking, whilst another employee said. “I’m sure Pepper could fill a sort of client-service type role for us.”

In fact, that’s pretty much exactly the sort of thing Pepper was designed for if the Pizza/MasterCard use-case is anything to go by.

That partnership saw the pizza restaurant chain work with MasterCard and its MasterPass checkout service to let Pepper take people’s orders and process payments.

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