How can acquirers adapt and thrive in a crowded ecommerce market? (sponsored)

Acquirers face a multitude of challenges in ecommerce today: technology shifting away from legacy systems, fulfilling dynamic merchant needs, fending off the rise of alternative payment methods, deploying solutions for fraud prevention, and many more.

Ecommerce-based growth is providing acquirers with huge opportunities, but the market is becoming more and more diluted as the rise of digital innovators steadily decreases acquirers’ market share. This means that acquirers’ margins are being squeezed and they cannot compete solely based on price. They now need to offer merchants more bang for their buck through adaptable solutions and value-added services.

So how can acquirers carve out space for themselves in an increasingly crowded ecommerce market?

In a detailed eGuide, ACI Worldwide presents a comprehensive range of solutions to acquirers in the booming, yet fragmenting, ecommerce sector.

Find out how acquirers can compete and win in the eCommerce sector by making use of advanced software as a service solutions, and maximise their flexibility and responsiveness.

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