Lloyds adds finger print ID to mobile banking

Customers at Lloyds, Halifax and the Bank of Scotland will now be able to log into mobile banking using their thumb prints as Lloyds opens its doors to biometrics.

Lloyds follows the likes of Natwest in implementing Apple’s fingerprint authentication technology: Touch ID to its mobile banking service.

The move means that customers no longer need to go through the process of imputing passwords on mobile screens.

Apart from the speed and efficiency of logging with a finger or thumb print, biometrics mean customers no longer need to remember multiple passwords.

“Touch ID is one of a series of improvements planned in the next 12 months focused around making the banking experience simpler for customers,” says Lloyds head of mobile Steve Hicks.

“It is amazing how such a small change, can have such a large impact on our customers mobile banking experience.

“Over time biometrics will transform the way that customers authenticate with the bank whilst enhancing their security.”

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