Faster payments key to better dining experience, says new research

The need for speed during a dining experience is becoming more and more important to the modern-day diner, as half of customers feel frustrated when it takes too long to pay the bill, according to new research from Barclaycard.

Waiting to pay, unable to pay the way you want or having to pay for more than your share because everybody just wants to split the bill evenly – these issues are familiar to anyone who has ever eaten in a restaurant.

Now however, increasing convenience of payment methods such as contactless cards or mobiles has led to more forthright customers who demand to have a fast and efficient paying experience.


Need for speed

According to new research from Barclaycard, customers have a strong need for speed when eating out and become impatient when that need isn’t met. Four out of ten customers (37%) prioritise quick service over value (21%) and even menu choice (33%).

If the food takes a long time to arrive, six in ten people lose patience. Half of customers become impatient when it takes too long to pay for the food.

Consumers are more likely to choose places that offer contactless payments (15%), the option to pre-order and pay via an app for both delivery and eating in a restaurant (15%) or payment via mobile device at the table (14%).

These preferences aren’t going to go away as nearly a quarter of respondents (23%) expect to increase their usage of contactless cards and devices when dining out in the next 12 months, while a further 10% expect to pay using an app more often.

Restaurants should also consider introducing some form of bill-splitting apps as 85% of diners admit they often end up frustrated when eating out due to problems like paying for more than they ate (31%) or alcohol they didn’t drink (31%) and having to figure out how much each individual spent (33%) as their key concerns.

Sharon Manikon, Customer Solutions Director at Barclaycard said:

“As the restaurant sector enters a new era of ‘dining-on-demand’, the industry needs to respond with the right technology to improve the service and experience they provide, or risk getting left behind by their more savvy competitors. By introducing a personal touch, such as apps which allow diners to pre-order and pay for meals in advance, or tools that enable bills to be split per head, restaurateurs can ensure they keep customers’ appetites for enjoyable food and high quality service well and truly satisfied.”

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