Alipay continues European expansion strategy with French connection

Alipay has partnered with the Printemps group, with its Printemps Haussmann store becoming the first department store to accept the Chinese company’s mobile payments app.

The partnership means Alipay, which has 450 million Chinese users already, can be used by Chinese tourists in France to make QR-code transactions like they do back home.

In collaboration with Wirecard, Printemps can integrate Alipay payments directly into its central management system, which will be rolled out at all 18 Printemps stores by the end of the year. In addition, Wirecard is taking charge of the entire payment process with Wirecard’s Connected POS technology.

“Chinese tourists are an important target clientele for Printemps, which is why we are developing various unique offers and services to ensure the best response,” said Annalisa Loustau, Chief Marketing Officer for the Printemps group.

Rita Liu, Director of Alipay Europe, added:

“For our customers, this roll out is synonymous with greater added value, as they can now pay with the same method they use at home. Paris is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists.”

She also said how the company’s marketing platform, Global Lifestyle Platform, can provide them with relevant information, such as promotions, notifications and commentary, even before they arrive in Paris.

Alipay has already put down roots in the UK with a partnership with The Body Shop and chosen Zapper as its first UK mobile partner.

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