Best of 2016: Our top 5 articles in Payments

As 2016 winds to a close, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our most-read articles throughout the year. For the rest of the week, we’ll be highlighting the top five most popular articles in various categories across the site. If you missed these gems when they were published, now’s your chance to read them!


1) How well do you know payment acronyms?

image of samsung phone being held near a contactless-enabled POS terminal showing the new Samsung Pay mobile payment serviceOur number one most-read article in Payments is actually a quiz: but that doesn’t stop it from being popular. Test your knowledge of payment acronyms with this cunning quiz devised by former PaymentEye editor Benjamin Rabinovich. Then test your friends!

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2) Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile payments [Infographic]

Close-up image of woman texting and drinking coffee outdoorsThe world of mobile payments is a rapidly evolving one, with new players, new locations and technologies coming up faster and faster. So it’s no wonder that this handy infographic about mobile payments is one of our most-read articles about payments from 2016.

Click through to learn more about what makes mobile payments tick, courtesy of an infographic by Oberthur Technologies.



3) INFOGRAPHIC: The Internet of Things and the future of payments

a road sign saying the future next exitIt seems as though our readers just can’t get enough of infographics, as two of the most-read articles about Payments are in infographic form.

Following the predictions made by the British public that include the UK becoming a cashless society within the next two decades and clothes being connected to the internet, this infographic from Wirecard and Statista takes a detailed look at the rise of the Internet of Things from various angles and tracks the increasing amount of cashless transactions being made.

4) 5 things we heard about payments at Money2020

money 2020Picking Copenhagen to host the first edition of Money2020 Europe is a coup for not just the Danish capital, but also the wider Nordics, helping shine a new light on the region’s thriving tech ecosystems – this time through the lens of financial technology.

Here are five things that the PaymentEye team learned about payments from Money2020 Europe.



5) Big Data and mobile payments: the game changer

salim cartaWhat is a payment? It’s a transaction, sure. But much more importantly – to banks, merchants and credit card companies—it’s a story in a particular moment in time.

In this popular guest post from 2016, Salim Dhanani, director of Business Development at Carta, explores how in the world of payment data, mobile is the game-changer that allows financial institutions to learn more about their customers, opening up a plethora of new opportunities.

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