University of Strathclyde now offers a degree in Fintech

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With the exceptional rate at which the fintech industry is growing, and more pertinently, influencing our everyday life, it was only a matter of time before it became the subject of academic focus.

University of Strathclyde has launched, what it claims to be the first Financial Technology focused course in the UK. The degree will be an intensive 12-month Masters that will start from September 2017 and will combine a “rigorous” core academic curriculum with the entrepreneurial and innovative elements of fintech, including financial method, data analytics, regulation, and the applications of technologies such as blockchain and distributed ledgers. The course will be taught by staff from the Department of Accounting and Finance.

Students will be taught about fintech regulation and compliance as well as the many languages of fintech including Python. Other modules focus on understanding and using Big Data as well as elective modules such as Financial Management for Banks.

Daniel Broby, Director of Strathclyde’s Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation, said:

“Fintech is developing rapidly, utilising software and programming code in innovative ways.  It is driving efficiency up and costs down and the digitalisation of transactions is now a cross- disciplinary science.” 

He added that the Scottish financial sector needs to capitalise on fintech or miss out. What they would ‘miss out’ on refers to the research conducted by academics at the University’s Business School, which found that fintech has the potential to create 15,000 jobs in Scotland over the next decade.

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