New research shows 72% of 18-25 year olds are willing to donate to charity with mobile apps

Earlier this year, we reported that ING partnered with Dutch startup Whydonate, to roll out contactless charity collection boxes. This was to help keep the charity sector innovative at a time when contactless and device payments are on the rise and cash is being used less frequently.

WorldPay recently announced that mobile transaction numbers have grown by 247% in the UK over the last year. There’s also new research conducted by Moneymailme which shows that 72% of 18-25 year olds are willing to use mobile apps for charity giving. The average Moneymailme app donation was recorded to be £3.15.

Being able to make donations via mobile apps is an innovative way of bringing a charity and the consumer closer. Digital payments would allow consumers to donate small amounts of money in real time to charities around the world, representing a significant opportunity within the global charity sector.

The research surveyed 1,000 18-25 year olds, with almost half (48%) of whom believe that physical money will be obsolete within 20 years, and 62% of whom feel frustrated if they are forced to make purchases solely with cash.

A further 74% of those surveyed already give to charitable causes.

“It’s clear that despite young people being on the lower end of the pay scale, they have a strong social conscience and a desire to help others. Technology is also incredibly important to this generation so they are keen to make charitable donations using the technology they already engage with on a daily basis.” Mihai Ivascu, Moneymailme CEO, commented on the research.

“Even if it is just a small amount being donated, it soon adds up when so many people are engaged with supporting charity efforts in our increasingly global world.”

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