Moovit integrates with Zooz to bring seamless transactions and secure data storage [Case study]

A new case study published by Moovit, the public transport and sharing app, demonstrates how the company uses Zooz to tackle and facilitate global expansion.

Moovit is the world’s #1 public transport app, catering to 55 million users in 1,200 cities worldwide. The app shows travellers all of the public transit options at any given location, providing line departures and arrival times as well as up-to-date schedules, local station maps and crowdsourced reporting based on 50m riders.

As a highly popular and useful public transport app, Moovit found that it needed to be able to handle a large volume of payment transactions in a wide variety of geographies as well as local currencies.

Itay Gil, head of  Moovit’s Carpool program, states: “As a company currently expanding to new global markets, our top priority is to focus on business centric issues rather than invest considerable sums and resources in payment processing. With plans to promote new products, such as Moovit Carpool, we sought an attractive partner that could handle our payment needs securely from start to finish, route to local processors, and grow with us to new markets.”

After expanding to a large European capital, Moovit discovered that many of the app’s users preferred PayPal as a payment method. “It became evident to us that in order to satisfy foreign audiences, we would need to provide familiar payment methods at each location. After studying various payment solutions, we came to the conclusion that the customizable Zooz technology
could meet all of our payment needs and enable quick time-to-market in new regions.” Gil adds.

Integrating with Zooz

Two months after Moovit contracted Zooz the integration went live. The collaboration allowed end-to-end technology platforms to handle all of the company’s global payment processes. The transactions were secure and the seamless integration with Zooz allowed for Zooz’s omni-token to enable one-click payments globally regardless of the user’s location.

“Integration with the Zooz Payments Platform was quick and smooth, and we received prompt ongoing support from the Zooz business and technical teams. We are poised for global expansion in the knowledge that we have a robust payment technology to optimize payments and scale with us at every location,” notes Gil.

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