How well do you know the Western European payments ecosystem?

PPRO’s latest report on Western Europe explores 12 countries’ payments ecosystem in the diversified region that is home to two major language groups, as well as some of the most important financial hubs in the world.

For example, did you know that credit cards do not even reach half of the Western European population (48%), but that the region is home to about 20 alternative payment methods?  Or that smartphone penetration is high across Western Europe, with an average of 70% of consumers transacting on their mobile compared to just 42% of consumers globally.

The average annual income of Western European markets is around $55,000, with a reported 247 million consumers shopping online. In 2016, Western Europeans bought $457.7 billion worth of goods and services online, with the highest e-commerce consumer acceptance from the UK, France and Germany. These three countries accounted for over 60% of the region’s online transactions.

And, for eight of the 12 countries that are profiled, 95% of the population have a bank account, with internet penetration also being high at over 90%.

In this whitepaper, PPRO breaks down the 12 countries in Western Europe and provides vital statistics, including reporting on financial inclusion, e-commerce trends for each market and individual analysis of each countries financial standpoint.

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