Money 20/20 Day Three highlights

Money 20/20 day three kicked off with track sessions on the revolution of banking and new innovations that are taking over the payments industry. Topics of focus today were on customer authentication, AI, the power of biometrics and how regulation is driving innovation.

Rita Liu, Head of EMEA at Alipay took the stage for her keynote presentation and spoke about how Alipay and AntFinancial are driving the trend towards a cashless lifestyle for consumers in China.

Liu pin-pointed how the fintech company are looking to expand their borders and bring the trends to new geographies. With over 450 million users in China, Alipay has been leading the development of alternative payment methods in China.

Will Gaybrick, CFO of Stripe also presented on the main keynote stage and discussed how Stripe’s technology-focused approach is helping solve businesses’ xomplex financial challenges.

“By design, the internet is borderless. Commerce on the internet is a story of international marketplaces and platforms.”

The power of biometrics were discussed heavily on day three. Biometrics are ecoming increasingly diverse with mobile devices and IoT technologies enabling fingerpint, face, voice and iris recognition all being used for online and in person financial transaction authentication.

We also hosted a live interview on our Twitter channel with David Poole from Mypinpad. You can catch up with the interview here.


Bankable partners with Starling Bank to provide UK Agency Banking access to its clients

Bankable signed a direct strategic partnership with Starling Bank to provide real-time Faster Payments. Bankable will integrate its Banking as a Service platform with Starling’s state of the art API set.

By promoting pilot-based-experimentation, Bankable allows its customers to quickly launch, test and validate a new service before moving towards a seamless deployment.

Julian Sawyer, Starling Bank COO, commented:

“We are very excited to partner with Bankable. This partnership will allow their customers to access the Faster Payments infrastructure and to complete payments all in real-time. Bankable have a strong presence within the European banking market with their innovative payment solutions enabling a complete Banking as a Service model. We believe this partnership will continue to improve the experience for customers and continue to drive innovation within the financial ecosystem”.

Eric Mouilleron, Bankable’s CEO and founder commented:

“We have followed Starling Bank since their inception. We decided to partner with Starling Bank immediately after they became the 13th UK Faster Payment member in January 2017. Starling Bank is different from other Challenger Banks as they started by building a strong back end and are led by former bankers who have contributed to different banking innovation waves over the last 30 years along a strong diverse team. We are excited to partner with a technology focused and client centric Bank who delivers real-time access to payment schemes, as opposed to the file-based systems made available by Incumbent Banks.”

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