Setting the stage for digital infrastructure

Paysafe’s latest whitepaper, From Green Space to Digital Place, was created in association with Amilia, and explores the behaviours of consumers towards parks & recreations digitization within smart cities.

There’s no doubt that cities are slowly capatalising on the digital economy to drive innovation and improve metropolitan challenges. And with this change not only comes a shift in payments, but also a drive for better communications, infrastructure, and transport.

According to the whitepaper, one thing is missed out in the digital revolution: Parks and recreational areas.

The report states that while most cities prioritise transport and infrastructure, parks and recreational (P&R) areas are often overlooked, and not seen as an investment. Participants surveyed stated that P&R areas should leverage use for technology.

Smart city markets are expected to surpass $1.9 trillion in 2019, showing the opportunity for an enhanced digital ecosystem. Cities across America and Canada are looking for ways to transform the landscapes into safer and healthier environments, whilst also making areas easily accessible and creating on-demand experiences.

As consumers are constantly shifting their experiences to digital and mobile, on-demand services have become increasingly important for residents and communities.

Businesses must offer choice, convenience, reach and flexibility in their user experience and payment solutions.

Further data from the report shows that a weighted average of thirteen percent of residents (10% in Canada, 14% in U.S.) also stated that payment methods is one of the barriers in the current registration process for activities and classes.

Download your complimentary copy of the Paysafe whitepaper here.

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