Best of 2017: Top five articles on banking

1. What millennials really think about mobile banking

Woman holding a smartphone and touching the screen, on which a banking app is visible

No demographic is targeted quite so frequently as millennials. Not since the baby boomers has a generation been subjected to such scrutiny. Academics study them, and businesses want to sell to them.

But instead of talking to them, what about talking with them? What about giving them a voice to speak about what they really want, not what marketers think they want?



2. Why challenger banks want to become a marketplace for your finances

With PSD2 and other regulatory initiatives pushing us towards a data-sharing economy, challenger banks in the UK and Europe are steadily heading towards embracing a marketplace mentality that promotes all of a consumer’s finances in one place.

Several challenger banks, such as Starling, Tandem, and Monzo, are already aiming to be the go-to place for a consumer to handle everything with their money. Come January 2018, APIs are going to play a big role within the banking industry as PSD2 makes open banking mandatory.



3. Why PSD2 will make it possible for customers to build their own banks

Huw Jenkins, CTO of The Money Cloud explores why 2018 is going to be the year that permanently changes the way we see, and the way we use banks. Banks in their traditional form are going to start to disappear, and be replaced by what is known as banking technology – which is a completely different beast.

The Revised Payment Service Directive, or PSD2 as it more commonly called, is set to come into force at the beginning of next year, and “gamechanger” barely begins to describe the effect this new set of regulations governing the use of banking data will have.



4. How technology is driving innovation at NatWest

PaymentEye sat down with Damien Richardson at this year’s Sibos conference in Toronto to discuss why it’s all about the experience for the customer and trust and security are increasingly important.

Richardson, who is Head of Payments Strategy and Innovation at NatWest, discussed the importance of technology and how NatWest are driving innovation in the industry.



5. Why ATM banking will only become smarter: John Tait, Managing Director Asia Pacific at TNS

We spoke exclusively with John Tait, Managing Director of Asia Pacific at TNS on why there will be a place for ATM banking in most economies.

Tait says that “there will always be a place for ATM banking in most economies. What we’ll see in the more mature markets is that ATMs will become more sophisticated devices with the advent of technology that enables them to be almost kiosk-like in their applications and utility.


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