The convergence of fraud prevention and payment processing

The convergence of comprehensive fraud management with payment processing is a central theme of innovation for payment processors. It is proven to increase merchant revenue, retention, and satisfaction. As leading global payment processors adopt this capability, Kount Central is emerging as the preferred solution.

A new eBook, ‘Why Payment Processors Choose Kount Central’, from Kount, explores the advantages of converging payment processing and fraud prevention, which includes:

  • Optimal defense against fraud. Kount utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning powered by data from a global network, proprietary decision engine, and patented screening technologies. Moreover, it gives processors and merchants complete control to decide what policies (rules) to activate to maximize sales and minimize fraud—based on their unique vertical industries and/or requirements.
  • Complete flexibility. Processors can choose when to invoke the fraud prevention function—before or after authorization. With a single API integration, Kount provides fully customizable antifraud capabilities.
  • Frictionless experience. Kount’s 250 millisecond response time enables fast, frictionless transactions. The result is optimal conversion rates, even in mobile commerce.
  • Business intelligence. Kount’s dashboards provide visibility into the entire transaction history for that processor. Kount enables data analysis and business policy testing in real-time to maximize outcomes.

The eBook also highlights the major challenges hitting payments processors, and the ‘6 business success factors’ that processors must address when moving into the next generation of payments and adopting comprehensive fraud prevention solutions:

  • Most efficient technology and techniques
  • Low operating costs
  • Use of specialised equipment and facilities
  • Respond to community behaviour
  • Economies of scale
  • Regulatory compliance

Click here to read ‘Why Payment Processors Choose Kount Central’ from Kount.

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