Soldo integrate with Starling Bank API

London-based fintech Soldo has announced it’s integration with Starling Bank API to speed up business payments in the UK.

The integration, which will allow business users to automate sending company money and receiving payments, means that Soldo now holds its own sort code and account number, creating another vital step forward in the automation of company funds.

The Starling integration also opens up new pathways for Soldo’s technology, with new development pipelines promising even greater automation and features that will offer real, measurable boosts to efficiency (and the bottom line) for companies all over the world.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of the finance sector,” Carlo Gualandri Founder & CEO, Soldo, told PaymentEye.

“2018 is set to be a stand out year with various different reforms and regulations coming into play. The way businesses manage the movement of their money – is about to change radically.”

Soldo is one of the first Fintech companies to integrate with Starling Bank. The collaboration seems to embody Mark Carney’s recent speech where he highlighted the need for an improved infrastructure to realise Fintech’s promise. This can enable more innovation in the banking space, and is an example of the arrival of the API economy in the traditional banking sector.

“I am thrilled to be at the forefront of this change,” Gualandri continued.

“”Our recent integration with Starling Bank’s API provides access to UK Faster Payments, which reflects our vision of totally automating the flow of money into, around and out of a business.”

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