Credorax: Are you measuring your payment gateway processing speed correctly?

It will come as no surprise to anyone selling products or services in the e-commerce and m-commerce markets that consumers expect what they want when they want it.

The majority (60%) of today’s online users make their purchasing decisions more quickly than in the past; they expect their customer experience to be smooth and fast, and will rapidly abandon shopping carts, sites, mobile apps or brands if their expectations are not met.

Processing speed is important due to its significant effect on customer experience and resultant satisfaction. In complex e-commerce and m-commerce environments – including those spanning more than one continent – actual service time as experienced by the customer is difficult to measure and almost impossible to predict.

While it can be estimated based on a set of metrics, industry-standard measurements often paint too bright a picture.

A new whitepaper, ‘Optimizing payment gateway processing’, from Credorax, explores the best practices for aiming towards a high-speed and truly global payment gateway solution.

Selecting the right payment gateway solution, one with sufficient speed to keep customers happy, is no simple task.  This is especially true if the consumer base is not confined to a single continent, since the majority of payment solutions are not deployed in a distributed manner that would enable the best consumer experience across the globe.

To make matters worse, the published performance metrics of various gateways are often skewed due to the incorrect aggregation of data, including the handling of outlying values or short-circuit operations. In this paper, Credorax discuss some of the sources of skewed measurements and highlight certain often-overlooked characteristics of a high-performance payment gateway solution, sharing our research and best practices.

Click here to download your copy of ‘Optimizing payment gateway processing’, by Credorax.

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