FinTalk Podcast: Mobile Solutions for India’s Unbanked

The financial world, we are told, is becoming ever more cashless, with some predicting that the UK will have done away with cash by 2025.

Countries like Sweden are ahead of the game already. But this isn’t the case the world-over. Cash still accounts for 95% of transactions in India, and is relied upon a great deal as a trustworthy economic grounding for the majority of Indian citizens.

But financial services are helping to bridge the gap between those unbanked citizens who rely on cash day-to-day, with the world of digital banking. This begs the question: is such an enormous turnaround possible, and how can it be done?

This episode features a conversation with Harold Montgomery, Chairman & CEO of MoneyOnMobile, about how that gap is currently being bridged, and how digital services are helping to provide greater financial inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked of India.

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