Curve launch new feature Insights

In the year of financial democratisation through handy, consumer-focused fintech, ever more applications aimed at helping the average Joe to better understand their finances are popping up by the day.

This week Curve released a new feature, ‘Insights’ to their customers. Curve customers can now see a detailed overview of their monthly spending habits from all their accounts – giving customers an instantaneous overview of when, where and how much they are spending across personal and business spend.

With the release, customers can now see their monthly spending habits across all their debit cards, credit cards and accounts, grouped by category, across both personal and business accounts. Customers can tap to drill down into any specific area of spending for insights on individual purchases, or compare their spending month-on-month with one swipe.

​After it’s consumer launch in January, the company has attracted more than 200,000 new users in little as three months – showing remarkable growth through word of mouth.

“Curve Insights drives us closer to our vision to create an Operating System for Money,” Shachar Bialick, CEO and Founder, Curve, told PaymentEye.

“It gives our customers complete control over their spend, automating the budgeting process with a slick, clear and concise display of their spending habits.”

Click the image below to see a moving preview of Insights:

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