50% of UK online shopping on mobile

A new survey from picodi reveals the online spending habits of the UK by region in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, mobile shopping comes out on top in England, accounting for 50.30% of online shopping. Tablet purchases come dead last, accounting for only 8.4% of online purchases.

iOS users in England spend more on average online than Android users, with £108.82 to the average Android user’s £86.92.

The survey also revealed that the English do most of their online shopping on Fridays, and the most popular online purchase is clothing, followed by home and garden goods.



The survey also compared the UK by region, revealing difference in online shopping habits between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The average cart of a mobile consumer from England is £6 higher than the average UK mobile consumer, and – digging even deeper – the average cart of iOS user from England is £18 higher.



Northern Ireland comes out on top for average order value, but only by 20p over England in the number 2 spot.

While the findings confirm the general upwards trend in mobile commerce, desktop is still a favourable way to shop for the UK consumer, accounting for 41.66% of purchases in England, and 39.58% for the UK overall.

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