Paysafecard: Google partnership is “the highlight of our vision”

Last week, paysafecard announced a new partnership with Google. Paysafe’s prepaid business paysafecard is now being accepted as a payment method in the Google Play Store, the app store for Android-certified devices, opening the door to the digital era for millions of customers.

paysafecard is designed for “customers who don’t want to share their data online, and want to control their spending with a prepaid method”, Udo Mueller, CEO and co-founder of paysafecard, told PaymentEye.

Mueller founded the company with his brother 18 years ago, with “the vision of bringing cash online, and making safe and easy payments for everybody who doesn’t have, or doesn’t want to use, a credit card or bank account”.

“It protects those who don’t want to hand over financial data, protecting people from overdrafting their bank accounts. We allow anybody who has cash to take part in eCommerce,” Mueller said.

From now on, customers without a credit card or digital banking services, or who don’t want to enter their financial data online for security reasons, can pay online in the Google Play Store using paysafecard. paysafecard enables consumers who prefer or need to use cash to pay online, simply and safely, using the 16-digit PIN to complete the payment transaction.

“Our collaboration with Google is the highlight of our vision, ” Mueller continued.

“Google are the top eCommerce brand, and it’s very positive that they see the importance of including those who don’t have credit cards or bank accounts.”

“Companies like Amazon and Google are now seeing that cash solutions are an important part of the customer segment that they are not yet targeting, so the interest of payment providers in targeting these cash-based customer segments is getting bigger.”

The international rollout of the partnership between paysafecard and Google starts in Poland, where more than one million people a year use paysafecard. paysafecard is currently available in 46 countries and there are more than 600,000 sales outlets worldwide, around 40,000 of which are in Poland.

Bur rather than demonstrating the proliferation of cash, Mueller, pointed out, paysafecard’s collaboration with Google is further proof that the cashless society is just around the corner.

“We support cashless,” Mueller said.

“Cash is still a very big part of the economy, but we support the transfer of cash into digital money.”

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