London becomes home to world’s first crypto sculpture

This week the UK is displaying the world’s first public sculpture dedicated to the rapidly growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. “Crypto Connection – powered by Eidoo”, created by contemporary artist Federico Clapis and commissioned by the multi-currency crypto wallet and hybrid exchange Eidoo, is an imposing three meter bronze statue that poses questions about the future of global financing and the impact cryptocurrencies will have on future generations.

The piece encourages onlookers to think about the current crypto hype in a new way.

Eidoo had the statue erected to target a wider public outside the financial sector to contemplate what the future may look like operating with a new kind of digital currency.



“Crypto Connection” is situated prominently at Observation Point on London’s Southbank between the OXO Tower and the BFI. The use of classical sculpture in polished bronze together with a provocative futuristic topic juxtaposes to reflect the dichotomy of cryptocurrency itself: a seemly fleeting trend, yet built to endure.

“It’s a way of opening up the discussion”, sculpture designer Federico Clapis told PaymentEye.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the first crypto sculpture in the world in the creative hub of London,” Lars Schlichting, CEO, Eidoo, said.

“With the crypto space developing fast we wanted to explore a way to communicate with a wider public using the hugely engaging medium of art.”

The blockchain world will remember Eidoo from its last marketing effort when the company took a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to tease JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon.

For many, cryptocurrency is a concept which lives up to its name – too cryptic to understand, to current to ignore. However its fast-growing popularity and increased controversy is propelling the world to think how the future of finance will look.

Throughout the unveiling event, Eidoo premiered Wallem, a Pokemon Go style game for crypto enthusiasts where users can walk around a city collecting crypto tokens. $30,000 in crypto tokens such as Bitcoin, Eidoo and Ethereum, were placed within 300 metres of the sculpture for those who downloaded Wallem to catch.

A mix of augmented reality, users battled to steal tokens from each other in an interactive, single or multiplayer game that is set to quickly establish itself as a trend in 2018.

‘Crypto Connection – powered by Eidoo’, will be on the South Bank until June 23rd.

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