People moves: Token, Mid-Southern Bancorp, Ethereum and more

Token appoints new CTO

San Francisco-based open banking platform provider Token appointed Gaurav Kohli as chief technology officer on January 29. As a part of his new role, Kohli will provide support to the firm’s partner and customer relationships.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, he said: “The clear vision for open banking from founders Steve Kirsch and Marten Nelson at Token is what first attracted me to Token. They saw the problems facing the ecosystem and developed a solution that helps all parties connect quickly, securely and at a low cost. I’m now working with technology teams to expand on Token’s achievements, with new solutions that will continue to evolve the global payments landscape and support the next stage of Token’s journey.”

Elizabeth Rossiello, founder of BitPesa, appointed by WEF as co-chair of Global Council on Blockchain

CEO and founder of BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello has been appointed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as co-chair of Global Chain on Blockchain. The 30 member council was formed to give balanced and holistic advisory to the projects in the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network. Rossiello will work with industry experts to prepare the first agenda of the council in advance of its official start in May.

At Davos, Switzerland, Sheila Warren head of blockchain at WEF said: “We chose Elizabeth as one of the co-chairs for this committee, not only for her diverse background in this space, from technical expertise as well as regulatory, but also for her ability to bring together members of this often fragmented ecosystem. We are very excited for the cross-pollination and results such a meticulously selected council will bring.”

Mid-Southern Bancorp announces appointment of Eric Koch as director

US-based Mid-Southern Bancorp announced the appointment of Eric Koch as director on January 28 . Koch is an attorney in private practice with Koch & McAuley and is also the president of Indiana Title Insurance Company. He has experience in healthcare, real estate, and agriculture and brings 29 years of legal experience to the board.

“We are pleased to welcome Mr Koch and know he will be a valuable addition to our boards of directors. With Eric’s knowledge and extensive background he will be a great addition to the boards of directors,” said Dana Dunbar, chairman of the board of directors, in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Ethereum Classic Cooperative welcomes Bob Summerwill

US-based Ethereum Classic Cooperative announced the appointment of Bob Summerwill as new executive director on January 29. Summerwill has been involved in various blockchain community building projects, including at Ethereum, ConsenSys and CryptoChicks. He will play a part in the development of a number of existing Ethereum Classic Cooperative projects, including the production and development of ETC’s PoA testnet and peaceBridge.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Summerwill said: “There are so many opportunities for collaboration across the whole blockchain space. If we want the potential of blockchain to be realized, we should be working together, not fighting amongst ourselves.”

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