Adflex and Mastercard come together for Supplier Onboarding campaign

Adflex, a leading payments service provider and specialists in payment processing, announced today that is joining up with Mastercard to offer its Supplier Onboarding Service.

Supplier Onboarding Service will help corporates to maximise the number of suppliers able to accept card payments.

The service is built around a sound 14 step onboarding process and, is driven by a technology platform that was purposefully built. It uses a mix of automated enrolment, simple supplier signup and bespoke reporting, all managed by skilled onboarding specialists. The innovative service enables issuers and buyers to manage new and existing card programs reducing onboarding time and increasing efficiency, opening opportunities for businesses to focus on new projects.

Based on a number of successful pilot projects, Mastercard joins Adflex in promoting this service to its issuing clients as a means of reaching targeted card turnover quickly and easily.

Andy Downman, Commercial Director at Adflex, said: “This joint initiative of Adflex and Mastercard means issuers can be confident that their clients’ card programs will perform as expected without the worries of supplier push back”.

Issuers can expect to access market leading pricing and first class service as a result of Adflex and Mastercard’s joint proposition.

Adflex, based in Brentwood, specialise in providing cutting edge payment gateway services and card processing solutions for businesses on a global scale. Adflex services cover a vast range of markets from Construction, Travel, Logistics, Engineering to Employment. Their extensive card enabled supplier network built over the last 15 years was designed to accelerate any buying or issuing that needs to promote card acceptance across any market.

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