Alternative Payments Announces Shopify Deal For Payments Integration

With this integration, eBusinesses using Shopify can easily address the demand for alternative payment methods and thus increase conversion rates! 

Alternative Payments, the leading provider of local payment methods, has announced that its gateway is now integrated into Shopify, a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform.

The integration will provide Shopify customers with access to almost 30 most popular non-card payment options in the world, including Direct Debit (SEPA EuroDebit), Bank Transfers, eWallets, Local Cards, Prepaid Cards and Credit Transfers.

Via this integration, store owners using Shopify now have more opportunities to monetize users from all over the world, in the context of an increasing demand for alternative payments methods. By only opening a free account with Alternative Payments, and adding the payment gateway to their shop, Shopify store owners can expand their revenue streams and convert more than 60% of global customers who do not use credit cards for online shopping.

As a result of advancements in financial technology, consumers expect to be able to pay for goods or services in a quick and secure manner, often without cash. The Shopify integration enables eBusinesses to create a positive experience for consumers, increase market share and easily tap into new markets.

In spite of the availability of traditional payment choices at checkout, alternative online payment methods have outpaced credit cards in global eCommerce, a recent yStats report indicates. Lower costs for merchants and the ‘portability’ of online payments, which enables consumers to check out with a single username or email without disclosing sensitive information like credit card number are only some of the factors which have contributed to the growth and popularity of these alternative options.

The share of alternative payment methods in worldwide online retail sales will continue to climb, according to industry forecasts. Alternative Payments understands the need to accept consumer preferred payments and the company remains the only provider focused entirely on increasing merchants’ reach by offering only the local payment methods to consumers and converting sales merchants would have missed out on by relying only on credit cards.

Alternative Payments provides a global payment infrastructure to ensure e-commerce merchants can convert international web traffic into approved transactions. The core gateway handles cross border payments by streamlining a robust portfolio of global payments solutions into a single checkout flow. Alternative Payments is the exclusive provider of the direct debit solution EuroDebit®/SEPA, reaching over 520 million EU consumers. Merchants experience frictionless onboarding and quick access to the global online marketplace. 

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