BitCoin Exchange Platform Remitano Moves Into Ethereum To Prevent Fraudulent Trading Activities

Ethereum is a dominant and rapidly growing decentralized cryptocurrency in the blockchain realm 

Remitano, a Vietnamese platform that helps people trade bitcoin quickly and securely, today announces it now supports ethereum, an emergent decentralized cryptocurrency.

While previously the platform only featured trading between Bitcoin and local currencies, now Remitano users across the globe can securely exchange ethereum without worrying about fraudulent trading activities – something that is all too common in the cryptocurrency industry.

“Unfortunately, cryptocurrency traders need to be watchful of fake exchanges, phishing schemes, and fraudulent ‘wallets’ that bring malware into their devices, among other scams” said Dung Huynh. “At Remitano, we’re committed to inhibiting fraudsters from depleting cryptocurrency trading, which is arguably one of the most revolutionary digital advancements of our time. Now with our ethereum feature, we’re able to provide a safe-space for ethereum traders, too.”

Bitcoin is a form of decentralized digital currency that is created and held electronically, and which operates independently of governments or a central bank. While ethereum is similar in some ways, it is special in that it allows you to execute code on the blockchain technology and keep track of computer programs – to say, specify the conditions in which someone will get paid.

In fact, ethereum’s price and market cap have skyrocketed in 2017, with a 3000 percent increase just this year. Even more, ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin just met with Vladimir Putin to discuss business relationships driven by blockchain technology in the country. Remitano understands the emergent needs of its users for ethereum trading, and is committed to providing users with a secure platform to engage with this world-changing market.

Remitano targets bitcoin exchangers, investors, and those seeking remittance services, especially in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and China. The company provides users with lower fees – 0.5 percent compared to 1 percent elsewhere – instant virtual support, as well as a private platform to explore the world of blockchain.

“We want to see bitcoin and ethereum succeed. Remitano is on a mission to bring bitcoin – and now ethereum – to everyone, and to provide a space space for people to partake in this incredible market,” said Huynh, “Because after all, we believe it truly has the potential to change our digital world.”

Remitano is a Vietnamese startup that helps bitcoin traders to work quickly and securely. Bitcoin is a digital ‘cryptocurrency’ that is decentralized, unlike dollars or euros, or any other hard currencies, meaning it is independent of governments and central banks. Founded by Dung Huynh, Phuoc Nguyen, Phuong Nguyen and Tam Vo, Remitano is now available across the English speaking world, as well as South Africa and Mexico.