Clinc charges ahead with global deployments in 6 countries; inks deal with İşbank, largest private bank in Turkey

Clinc Rolls out Conversational A.I. in 80 Languages 

Fresh on the heels of winning “Best in Show” at American Banker’s BankAI conference, today from Money20/20 USA, Clinc, the financial industry’s most sophisticated conversational A.I. experience, announced that it has partnered with İşbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, to bring its unbounded natural language A.I. to a global stage. Clinc also announced that its A.I. platform, known as Finie, has deployed in six countries and is now available in 80 languages.

Following a successful pilot, İşbank now becomes the first global financial institution to deliver conversational A.I. with multi-language support. İşbank plans to integrate Clinc’s advanced financial competencies into its two mobile banking apps, reaching over 4.5 million total users. İşbank’s mobile banking app will offer its users a voice-­activated intelligent personal assistant powered by Clinc that is able to answer financial questions unique to each individual user, to offer personalized spending advice, and to fulfill any banking task. It’s mobile wallet payment app will also integrate Clinc’s A.I. brain and will allow customers to make in-store payments and to transfer and send money.

Clinc has integrated its omni-channel, cross-platform technology into over a dozen customized deployments in the U.S., Canada, Turkey, England, Singapore and Australia. Over eighty languages are now supported including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Thai and more. Clinc’s A.I. can be integrated into any channel, whether it be a bank’s native mobile banking or wallet payment app, Alexa, Google or Facebook Messenger.

“In contrast to the rule-based, bot-approach taken by all other vendors in the market, the fundamentals of our deep neural-network architecture enable us to break down the barriers to global adoption of conversational A.I.,” said Dr. Jason Mars, Clinc CEO. “Because Finie automatically learns new languages in a neural network way, we can deploy to a bank in Istanbul or Singapore just as quickly and easily as we can deploy to a bank in Chicago or New York. We’re miles ahead because the only other way to do multi-language is to start from scratch, and to code new rules and new grammar for every new language.”

Clinc’s technology will be demonstrated in English, French and Turkish at Money20/20 in Vegas from Oct. 22-25, 2017. To get a behind the scenes look into how Clinc is transforming banking on a global scale, attend Jason Mars’ Money20/20 presentation: “Real AI to Solve Real Problems: How Clinc is Redefining the Banking Experience at USAA” on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 2:50 p.m. in the Murano ballroom, on level 3 of The Venetian. USAA’s Darrius Jones, AVP at USAA Labs and IsBank’s CIO, Burak Arık, will join Jason on stage.

Clinc’s conversational A.I. platform utilizes sophisticated natural language processing engines, machine learning and deep neural networks to emulate human intelligence. Unlike bots and other A.I. solutions that simply convert speech to text and find the closest matching answer from a limited set of hard-coded responses, Clinc has a unique, patented ability to extract context and intent from natural speech, in any language. By identifying and analyzing dozens of factors like speech patterns, word structure and sentiment, Clinc is able to understand, to remember and to respond to unconstrained, contextual, messy human language. Clinc’s A.I. allows for follow up questions and draws from each new experience to automatically learn and expand its knowledge on its own as time goes on.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Clinc was founded in 2015 by world-class A.I. and systems research professors at the University of Michigan, Jason Mars and Lingjia Tang. The company has developed the leading conversational A.I. platform for financial institutions. Utilizing the world’s most sophisticated natural language processing engine and the most advanced scientific discoveries in A.I. research, Clinc emulates human intelligence and is able to understand unstructured, unconstrained speech, and can interpret not only semantics and intent, but the underlying meaning of user queries. Jason Mars ranked second on Bank Innovation’s “10 most innovative CEOs in banking 2017.” Learn more at