Computop launches new mobile SDK with Apple Pay payment option

Mobile Software Development Kit allows app developers to easily integrate payment methods for in-app purchases. 

Computop, one of the leading payment service providers, announces its Mobile Software Development Kit (Mobile SDK), a software module designed to make integrating payment methods for in-app payments simpler, and faster.

The solution integrates payment methods for apps at checkout, to help mobile shopping payments become more widely accepted, and to make it easier for vendors to develop their own apps.

The mobile SDK is a software module that supports the simple integration of relevant payment methods. Likewise, the SDK supplies the necessary programming tools and libraries to ensure that the payment process is secure. It is therefore significantly easier for programmers to integrate payment options.

To start with, developers can use the mobile SDK to integrate credit card payments, SEPA direct debits, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay and Apple Pay in an app. With Apple Pay, Computop has integrated omni-channel payments that allow people to make fast and easy payments online, by smartphone or at a physical checkout. Users of the latest generation of Apple devices can use it to pay worldwide. Apple Pay can be integrated as a payment option across all the main sales channels, whilst the iPhone’s signature Touch ID fingerprint sensor protects users from unauthorised access and misuse. Biometric authentication also speeds up the checkout process; payments are carried out with a finger tap, making typing in card details or a PIN unnecessary.

The amount of shopping on mobile devices has been rising noticeably for some time. Gartner predicts end-user spending on mobile phones is to increase 4.3 percent from 2016 which is on track to reach nearly $400 billion in 2017.

Ralf Gladis, the founder and director of Computop, explains the background to the product: “Fast and convenient shopping apps where payment checkout is optimised for mobile devices is becoming more important than ever. It’s a key driver for conversion rates.

“Computop makes mobile payment methods more accessible for vendors in North America, Europe and China. Integrating mobile payments in a simple way cuts costs, and tried and tested processes increase acceptance. The mobile SDK provides dealers and programmers with a comprehensive toolkit for fast, secure and convenient payments that can help boost conversion rates.”