EBANX celebrates 4 years processing for AliExpress in Brazil

Since 2013, the Brazilian fintech allows the Chinese giant to reach all of its potential Brazilian customers by offering Brazilian local payment methods 

August 15th 2017 is a very special day for EBANX: 4 years ago, on August 15th 2013, EBANX started processing payments in Brazil for AliExpress, the Chinese retail giant. Since then, they have been converting themselves into the international e-commerce that sells the most in the Latin American country.

With EBANX, AliExpress is able to accept Brazilian alternative payment methods, besides international credit cards that are owned by only 19% of the population. This means that AliExpress can reach the other 81% of Brazilians, the ones that don’t have an internationally accepted credit card. What EBANX offers is access: for the merchants to all of its potential clients and for the consumers that can purchase on international e-commerces paying the way they are familiar and feel comfortable with. “EBANX is shortening distances between Brazil and the whole world”, says Alphonse Voigt, CEO of EBANX.

One of the alternative payment methods accepted by AliExpress in Brazil through EBANX is Boleto Bancário, or boleto for short, a very traditional Brazilian cash payment method. “AliExpress has an immense importance on EBANX’s history and they know it. And they also acknowledge the importance of EBANX on their history as well, on reaching all of their Brazilian potential customers”, adds Voigt.

EBANX is a Brazilian fintech that offers over 100 Latin American local payment options to global e-commerces. The company is changing the way consumers in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru pay on international websites and has already enabled more than 22 million people in these countries to access global products and services, as well as enabling global businesses to reach new audiences. For more information: https://business.ebanx.com/