EBANX’s Guide for Black Friday in LATAM Helps Merchants Expand

Almost 140 million people are expected to shop online until the end of this year in Latin America, spending around 60 billion USD, according to Statista. The mega discount season in November is responsible for a major part of driving these purchasing decisions. In Brazil, for instance, Black Friday generated more than half a billion USD in sales last year, and is expected to generate more than 700 million USD in 2017.

To take full advantage and increase sales potential during this season in Latin America, it is very important for e-commerces to understand the specificities of Black Friday throughout the region. In order to help global e-commerce merchants, EBANX, the leader in Latin American local payment processing released a free e-book with detailed information about the season in the most important economies of the region: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Latin America, made in a partnership with the Brazilian e-commerce platform VTex provides information about the names and dates of “Black Friday” promotions in these countries, which differ from the United States discount season. For instance, despite Black Friday in Brazil being on the same day as the biggest shopping date in the U.S., in Brazil the discounts associated with this campaign usually start before the actual day. And the final sales date can be extended, turning it into a real “Black Week”.

Mexico does not follow the United States shopping sales calendar for the month of November either. The top sales date in this Latin American country has a different name, El Buen Fin (The Good Weekend), and takes place over the course of four days –– this year it will take place from November 17th-20th.

Merchants will also find The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Latin America e-book to be an influential guide by providing the best strategies to reach the full sales potential of Black Friday in the region. One strategy is by offering local payment methods, such as cash payments and accepting local credit cards.

Considering that around 49% of the adult population in Latin America and the Caribbean is unbanked, it is easy to understand how important cash payment methods are. These payment methods allow those that do not have access to a bank account to buy from international e-commerces. These methods are highly used and trusted by Latin Americans. For instance, all Brazilians pay their utility bills with the boleto bancário, a Brazilian cash payment method.

When it comes to local credit cards, installments are a big deal. For instance, according to a research study conducted by E-bit in Brazil, 67% of those who intend to buy cellphones and smartphones on Black Friday this year using local credit cards will pay with installments. Among shoppers who will buy clothes and fashion accessories using credit cards, 50% will opt to pay with installments. Paying with installments is a very common practice in Brazil, and it is an additional payment option offered by many brick-and-mortar stores and domestic online merchants.

Download the free The Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Latin America e-book: https://business.ebanx.com/en/black-friday

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VTex is a Brazilian e-commerce platform established in the market for more than 20 years. Counting with omnichannel and multi tenant solutions, it leads the market in Latin America. Present in more than 20 countries, it is the choice of enterprises such as Coca-Cola and RedBull as well as of the biggest online retailers in Brazil. For more information: https://en.vtex.com/