EBRC wins the 2015 Uptime Institute Brill award for efficient IT “Data Center Facilities Management” category, EMEA

In 2014, the “Uptime Institute Brill Awards” was introduced as an expansion of the successful “Green Enterprise IT Awards” (GEIT). The “GEIT Awards” program was conceived in 2008 by Ken Brill, the Uptime Institute’s founder, to recognize and promote IT efficiency in the Data Centre industry.

Named in his honor, the “Brill Awards” program shares a similar mission: honoring significant innovation in IT and Data Centre energy efficiency, and sharing this knowledge for the benefit of the whole industry.

Uptime Institute grants “Brill Awards for Efficient IT” to companies that significantly improve energy productivity and resource used in IT. The program recognizes efficiency in the broadest sense of the word: efficiency of capital deployment, technology, design, operations and overall management.

The Brill Awards are awarded by a panel of more than 90 distinguished industry professionals who reward IT efficiency in 5 categories, across 4 global regions: North America, EMEA, Latin America and APAC.

The jury, in charge of assessing the unidentified application forms, rewarded EBRC as winner of the “Data Center Facilities category” for the EMEA region. The jury praised “the EBRC projects and processes that demonstrate significant resource efficiency, through application of best practices and innovation, but also the EBRC Data Centre Facilities teams who successfully apply best practices and identify new opportunities for management efficiency”.

“This distinction is crucial for the international visibility we want to give to our offering, a one-stop-shop for Trusted IT Services, unique in Europe. We would like to thank our national and international Clients. They allow us to become who we are, to promote our “Made in Luxembourg” expertise and to build a strong Digital Centre with high added value”, says Yves Reding, EBRC CEO.

About EBRC

As an ICT specialist founded in 2000 in Luxembourg, EBRC has become a European player that stands out in addressing the challenges of information management and critical infrastructure through a certified “Trusted” offering:

  • Trusted Advisory Services
  • Trusted Managed Services
  • Trusted Cloud Europe
  • Trusted Security Europe
  • Trusted Resilience Services
  • Trusted Data Centre Services (unique position worldwide with 3 Tier IV certified Data Centres)

The control of the global value chain provides clients with a single point of contact that meets the expectations of local and international clients requiring meaningful guarantees in terms of risk management, service level and compliance with the regulatory framework and quality of ICT operations.

Strongly present in the financial market at the beginning, EBRC has developed over the year a unique know-how in the design, implementation and operations of critical e-Business and e-Commerce infrastructures and now works with worldwide players from Industry, Sales, Entertainment, Media, Institutions, BioTechnology & Health, etc.